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| home  | german | guestbook | contact | links | disclaimer Name: Peter Werner
Year: 1964
Adress: Saalfeld/Saale,Thüringen/ Germany

I’m employed. My job has nothing to do with photography. That’s just a hobby. All right, a very intensive hobby. It uses about 70 percent of my spare time – no exaggeration! Otherwise I live my life like everyone else. Meeting friends, enjoying football, reading, listening to music…

At this site, you can see the results of my photographic efforts. It’s a steady progress – throwbacks included. I think that’s absolutely normal. So far I showed my pictures at smaller exhibitions in the area round Saalfeld. In 2007 I had the first exhibition out of Thuringia. In the Hessian town Bad Karlshafen I could display a selection of my best works. This exhibition has been accepted very well and still takes place there.

Enough said. Have fun browsing my galleries. The pictures can be enlarged and ordered on request. I’m always open for suggestions! Don’t hesitate! I would also be glad about lively activities at the visitors’ book to throw in my share from time to time as well.

Thanks, see you,
P. Werner

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